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Internet Marketing for Beginners ? How to Make Money with a Blog

Internet Marketing for Beginners ? How to Make Money with a Blog

Internet marketing, for beginners, can be difficult. The concept gets simpler once they learn how to make money with a blog.


Earning income online is not as easy as some so-called gurus claim, but neither is it as hard as some people want to make it. Writing a blog, which is simply an online journal, is a great place to start. Here’s a three-step process that will get you blogging on the way to a successful web-based business.


First, select a program that lets you create a blog and update it easily.


You want to be able to build your blog without having to learn programming code or figure out complicated directions. If the process is too complex, you might give up before you even get started.


You also want a site that can be easily found by search engines. If Google and similar sites don’t find it, you won’t have readers. It’s all but impossible to make money with no readers.


Many successful bloggers use WordPress to build their sites. It’s fairly simple and gives you a chance to rank high in search engines.


Second, write from the heart.


If you care about something, people will see it when they read your blog. Your posts will flow easier when you are concerned about a subject.


You also want to show that you have a certain level of expertise in the subject. If it’s near to your heart, you’ll learn enough to write with authority.


Third, find products to promote.


You’re not going to be a salesperson on your blog, but you do have to find ways to make the site pay off for you. This is commonly known as “monetizing” your site.


The products should relate to your site. You’ll want to be sure they’re worthy of your support.


You can often find these products by searching for the subject of your site and “affiliate programs.”


If you’ll follow these simple steps you won’t need an Internet marketing for beginners course to learn how to make money with a blog.

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